Whatever they are, they are experimenting. They are testing, they are—they are dissecting. Trying to understand us, trying to understand…three dimensions.

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Just curious my fellow Whovians, but do you feel like the big reveal of the mummy soldier was 12’s first big monologue….

Or the monologue at the end of Flatline?

Because to me, the monologue of Flatline seemed to have more…. dramatic doctor flair.

Not sure why, considering it was pretty nerve-wracking last week what with the mummy approaching him and all.     

i think it was more similar to the speeches of eleven’s time and that’s what made the difference. and he was the one ‘in control’ whereas last week he was being attacked in a different way? or at least that’s my opinion.

Yeah this speech definitely felt reminiscent of both 11 and 10 to me which is why it struck me so deeply. I’m all for 12 having his own take on things- that’s just part of taking on the doctor yourself.  But I love having reminders every now and then of times past.

But yeah that’s exactly what it was- this was 12 on the offensive, being fierce, and really this is the first time he’s taken ownership of something and saying, “Hey, don’t mess or else I will have to kill you because that’s what I do.” As opposed to last week it was all about compassion, forgiveness, and relief.  He was relieving the soldier of his duties- something I think 12 feels on some level. 

Because by all rights he shouldn’t exist.

But he does.

He has to keep going on.

And that’s probably why he’s not as dramatic in these episodes.   

yes, exactly! and it fit the whole theme of the episode as well, with the bit at the end about how Clara was an exceptional doctor but “goodness had nothing to do with it”. his speech definitely channeled that darker side of him, which was so different than his mummy-oriented speech (haha, unintentional pun there). like you said, he related to the mummy, at least on some level, and then the speech in flatline was him continuing to serve his duties, because he ultimately doesn’t have choice..

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Congratulations, lying is a vital survival skill. And a terrible habit.

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You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara. Goodness had nothing to do with it.

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keep away from them!

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“The man who abhors violence. Never carrying a gun. But this is the truth, Doctor. You take ordinary people and you fashion them into weapons. Behold your Children of Time transformed into murderers. I made the Daleks, Doctor. You made this.”

Davros, Journey’s End ( I haven’t seen Flatline yet, but this sounds accurate)

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